Long History Of Deploying Technology

For over 20 years we have been helping companies scale by improving existing processes and implementing the latest tech. Sometimes we have to create custom software systems because the tech doesn’t yet exist.

Scaling With Systems

I help people like you accomplish more by creating systems that leverage the latest technology that continue working while you sleep. We architect, build, migrate, secure and manage applications in the Cloud.

Systems continue to operate while you sleep but they must be properly maintained.The first phase of AI & robotics is here but it is currently inside data centers.

We build and maintain custom web applications to solve specific customer needs.

Scaling With People

If you have a mountain of tasks that can be broken down a certain way, they can be solved very quickly with an on-demand team.

With Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Turk thousands of tasks can be completed in hours for a very low cost.

Scaling With Money

Even when you have plenty of financial resources, those that spend wisely win. If it isn’t measured, it rarely improves. We can help you improve cash flow.

These are just a few of the ways we help companies reduce expenses while still increasing growth:

  • Cloud computing converts capital expenditures into operating expenditures.
  • Open Source software reduces time to market and reduces licensing fees.
  • Analytics around your most important business operations identifies waste.

Who We Are

Dan Quellhorst


Dan is a highly skilled programmer that delivers what he promises. I'd recommend him to anyone.
Mitchell Kuhn, Fiduciary Financial Advisor, USA

Dan is not only a detail oriented Ruby on Rails developer, but his code is readable, organized, and effective. He is also a great communicator, and exceeded all the deadlines we set together.
Gregg Pollack, Founder of Code School, Envy and Starter Studio USA

He was great and thorough, we had some site restrictions that held him up a bit, but he made sure he did everything he could for us and was great in his communication.
ckettmann, United States

Went well beyond what we anticipated
bobgaleener, United States

This guy is amazing. He went above and beyond. I can't rate his service highly enough.
nathanlemonaide, Australia

He did it perfectly. Will order again. Good job.
shuang1, China